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Functioning of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation is ensured by its Staff, comprised of the Secretariat of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, Department for Civil Service and Personnel, Financial Department and General Affairs Department of the Constitutional Court.

The Constitutional Court Staff (Art. 111 of the FCL)
• provides organisational, research, analytical, informational, referential, and other support to the Constitutional Court;
• receives visitors;
• performs preliminary examination of the petitions to the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation and checks whether the petitions pertain to the questions requiring the examination by the Judges; 
• assists the Judges in preparation of cases and other questions for consideration at sessions and conferences;
• studies and evaluates the execution of the decisions of the Constitutional Court by State bodies.

The operation of the Presidency and the Judges of the Constitutional Court is ensured by the Secretariat of the President of the Constitutional Court, Secretariats of the Vice-Presidents of the Constitutional Court and Judges’ personal staffs.

Representation of the Constitutional Court in Moscow ensures access to constitutional justice, permanent liaison of the Constitutional Court with other bodies of state power and constituent entities of the Russian Federation in Moscow, assists the Constitutional Court in exercise of its powers.

Staff of the Constitutional Court comprises professional lawyers and other highly qualified professionals.

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