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Publications of the Court

Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation issues two publications – Constitutional Justice Journal and Bulletin of the Constitutional Court.
Bulletin of the Constitutional Court is the official publication of the Constitutional Court. It is issued since October 1993 on the basis of the Federal constitutional law On the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation.
First issues of the Bulletin contained not only the texts of the decisions of the Constitutional Court, but also descriptions of the sittings, including excerpts from expert testimonies, articles by judges of the Constitutional Court, reviews of the case-law of the constitutional courts of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, etc. 
Contemporary contents of the Bulletin include decisions of the Constitutional Court, which are published in chronological order (judgements are subject to mandatory publication, while other decisions are published in case of a specific decision of the Constitutional Court), dissenting opinions of the judges and addresses of the Constitutional Court.
Editorial council of the Bulletin is chaired by the Vice-President of the Constitutional Court Olga Khokhryakova, editor-in-chief of the Bulletin is the head of the Editorial and Publishing Department of the Constitutional Court Natalia Sergeeva. The Bulletin is issued 6 times per year. Beginning with 2019 the Bulletin is available electronically.
Constitutional Justice Journal has been established in April 2007. It was co-founded were the Constitutional Court and Yurist Publishing Group.
Through the years of its existence the publication became an efficient forum for expert discussions and deliberations over issues of constitutional justice. Constitutional Justice Journal covers problems of history, theory, and practice of constitutional judicial proceedings; publishes comments on the decisions and legal views of the Constitutional Court; supports the development of the regional constitutional justice; discusses educational innovations. Special attention is devoted to the problems of enforcement of the decisions of judicial bodies of constitutional control, of normative control, exercised by the courts of general jurisdiction and the arbitration courts. The topics, covered by the Journal aren't limited to the Russian experience, but also include an overview of foreign practices, including case-law of the European Court of Human Rights, activities of the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe, European and international legal standards.
Editor-in-chief of the Journal is a Judge of the Constitutional Court Sergey Knyazev. Editorial college of the Journal is composed of current and retired Judges of the Constitutional Court, notable Russian lawyers and members of Constitutional Court staff. The publication is issued six times a year. Its circulation is about 1000 copies.

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