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Petition to the Constitutional Court

Petition to the Constitutional Court (FCL Chapter V)

The Constitutional Court isn’t authorized to analyze all the body of legislation or to review constitutionally doubtful provisions of its own choosing. The judges are not empowered to initiate the consideration of a particular case.   
The Constitutional Court hears cases strictly within the confines of a particular question and reviews constitutionality of a law, applied in a particular citizen’s case.
The Constitutional Court doesn’t accept citizen’s complaints, if a law is yet to enter into force, was repealed or a case, in which the law has been applied, is still pending before the court of general jurisdiction.

Processing a petition (FCL Chapter VI)

A petition is preliminarily considered by the Constitutional Court Secretariat. It establishes whether the complaint is within the jurisdiction of the Court and whether it meets the requirements, stipulated by the Federal Constitutional Law.
Preliminary review of a petition by a Judge is an obligatory stage of constitutional judicial proceedings followed by the presentation of a final report at the session of the Constitutional Court. The final decision on admission of a petition for consideration or its dismissal is made by the Court.
After its admission the petition is assigned for hearing in a session of the Court or to be resolved without public hearings.

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