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Petition Statistics

     During the 20 years of its operation, the Constitutional Court has received over 230 thousand petitions. Their number grows at the rate of about 5 per cent annually. In 2011 the number of petitions exceeded 19 thousand. Petitions mostly concern the enforcement of labour and housing rights, social security, use of judicial remedies for protection of violated rights.
    The biggest percentage of the petitions received concern the matters of criminal law. They make up 27,5 percent of the total number of petitions, followed by petitions about violations of constitutional rights and liberties (24,4 percent) and matters of civil law (22 percent).
     It’s difficult to find a field of law, which stayed out of sight of the Constitutional Court. Court’s legal standpoints to a large extent guide legislative, executive and judicial authorities.
    In its decisions the Constitutional Court has interpreted 33 articles of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, reviewed the constitutionality of 289  law provisions and 286 other acts, established judicial position on 132 out of the 475 articles of the Criminal Procedure Code.

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